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Wise Greece | February 27, 2021

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120 kilos of food to the "Good Shepherd" with Princess Katherine

120 kilos of food to the “Good Shepherd” with Princess Katherine

The House of Juvenile Protection, “Good Shepherd”, held its annual Christmas event, where the children had the opportunity to get gifts, play and have fun! The “Good Shepherd”, hosts boys and girls aged 6-16 years, from inappropriate or abusive family environment (imprisoned parents, drug users, violent parents, etc.)

Wise Greece, in cooperation with the Humanitarian Organization Lifeline and Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia, donated the food products needed, for the 22 children that currently live in the House of “Good Shepard”. Handmade Pasta “Pure with Love”, legumes, Extra virgin olive oil “Secos”, Organic jams “Drupes” and feta cheese from the company “Lakafosis”, a total of 120 kilos of food arrived to the “Good Shepherd” with our best wishes for a merry Christmas!
We would like to thank Princess Katherine of Serbia, the humanitarian organization Lifeline and of course the producers that support Wise Greece, which increased with even more products our donation!