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Wise Greece | February 24, 2021

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Cooking for people in need

Cooking for people in need

A wholesome meal reached the homeless of Piraeus, prepared with love! 

100 portions of hot meals were prepared by a group of old and new friends to be offered to the homeless of Piraeus and thus making them smile…  
We cooked with Wise Greece products and we prepared pasta “Pure With love” with sauce from “Simply Greek” and a delicious salad with lentils and lots of veggies! The food blogger Gourmelita prepared a wonderful cake for dessert! A surprise was in store at the end as “Hellenic Nature” & the Social Cooperative “Attiko Orama” donated handmade soaps, a vital part of their everyday hygiene.

We wish to thank the amazing group “Parea“, who organized us all, Gianna Balafouti from “Pyliaki Gi” who offered her workshop, the tireless chef Gus Athanasiadis for his invaluable help and his energy, as well as all the friends  who helped us offer such joy to the people who need us most.
Because altogether as one big group, we can make a huge difference! 



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