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Wise Greece | February 24, 2021

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Olive oil donation to the "Social Grocery" of Halandri

Olive oil donation to the “Social Grocery” of Halandri

We live in such difficult times that the basic goods that we consider them to be for granted, are unfortunately luxury for some people. So, we responded to the needs of the “Social Grocery” of Halandri in Athens and we covered their needs in olive oil, which is difficult to obtain due to its high price.

After a successful event held in the center of Halandri, in collaboration with the non profit organization “Boroume” (info here), the residents had the opportunity to taste and purchase the products of Greek producers that support Wise Greece. We used all the profits from the sales, in order to buy extra virgin olive oil for our fellow citizens in need.

Most importantly, throughout this effort we helped those people altogether! You can participate too! All you have to do, is buy and use Wise Greece products daily, which cost a little but fulfill such a great social cause…
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