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Wise Greece | May 11, 2021

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What does Wise Greece do?
We are a nonprofit Organization that promotes top quality Greek products, through the sales of which we manage to cover the nutritional needs of Institutions and Organizations that help children, homeless and the elderly. 
Also, we aim to raise global awareness about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and motivate consumers to support our Initiative. 


How does “Wise Greece” achieve its goals? 
We place “Wise Greece” products to various points of sale in Greece and abroad. For every product sold, the Greek producer gives a percentage of his profit to “Wise Greece”, in order to raise funds and buy food for people in need. So, the more people embrace these products and use them in their daily cooking, the more products “Wise Greece” will buy to donate them to Institutions and Organizations that support unprivileged people. 


Where and how does “Wise Greece” give back its profits?
“Wise Greece” uses its profits to buy food for Organizations and Institutions that support children, homeless and the elderly. For example, if an Institution needs olive oil, Wise Greece buys it from the producer and donates it to the Institution. Also, we organize meals based on the Mediterranean diet, for the homeless all around the world. Please note that Wise Greece will never donate money! Only food!     


What kind of products support “Wise Greece”?
Traditional Greek delicacies, chosen for their superior quality, exceptional taste and history! More than 300 Greek products support Wise Greece! Check out Wise Greece products here


Where can I find “Wise Greece” products? 
You can find the products in selected stores in Greece and abroad. Check them out here.

Why join Wise Greece?
Our purpose is to motivate people to become active members of this nonprofit initiative. Members who share the same social responsibility and want to contribute to our cause. Members who share the same passion of giving back food to unprivileged people.
Check out the privileges of Wise Greece Members here

What's the difference between Wise Greece products and the other Mediterranean products? 
The Greek producers that support “Wise Greece” give back a percentage of their profits, to help us fulfill our nonprofit mission. Therefore, every time you choose a product with a “Wise Greece” sticker on you know that you've contributed to our "wise mission". 


I'm a store owner. Can I sell “Wise Greece” products? 
Of course! You can support our cause and sell top quality products. Contact us for further information! 


I'm a company. How can I help?
You can offer Wise Greece corporate gifts and support our cause or you can register as a corporate member and enjoy the equivalent privileges.


Do you have more questions? Contact us!